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Which table is suitable for woodworking engraving machine?

Woodworking engraving machine table type
Common engraving machine table has profile table, vacuum adsorption table, adsorption block table.

Wood carving sculpture profile table
Also called fixture table. This type of tabletop is to directly press the work piece with the pressure plate screw, which is suitable for cutting, hollowing and other processes, because as long as the air leaks, the vacuum adsorption cannot be sucked.

When to buy a profile table
When customers buy engraving machines, they can also choose their own models according to the above two. However, this is not entirely the case. If cutting with a tool with a relatively small diameter (such as a tool with a diameter of less than 4 mm), some of the gaps can also be used to absorb the table.

Woodworking engraving machine vacuum adsorption table
The vacuum adsorption table is to put a density board directly on the table after plugging the sealing strip, and the workpiece can be sucked by turning on the vacuum pump. This table saves fixed time and is especially suitable for large-scale processing in the wood door industry.
Sometimes it is necessary to put a thin osong board first, which is formed by wood fiber and glue under high pressure. There are pipes or gaps between the wood fiber itself and the wood fiber. Therefore, the osong board still has certain Breathable.
The Aosong board is placed on the vacuum adsorption table of the woodworking engraving machine to prevent the milling cutter from hurting the work table. The pressure of the workpiece at the position close to the density board is much less than the atmospheric pressure on the other side, forming a so-called negative pressure. Just like two pieces of glass combined together, the principle that it is not easy to separate is the same. Once the seal is not tight, negative pressure cannot be generated, that is, the pressure on both sides of the workpiece plate is the same, it is easy to move.

When to use vacuum suction table
The vacuum adsorption table is not suitable for relief, because the processing time of relief is generally longer. If the vacuum pump is turned on to engrave, it is a waste of electricity.
It is generally made into a 6-zone or 8-zone table, and each control valve controls a small zone. The advantage of this design is that if the fixed workpiece is relatively small, it is not necessary to open all the control valves, which also saves electricity. From a perspective. Vacuum adsorption table is also called suction clamp dual-purpose double table.

Woodworking engraving machine adsorption block table
It is designed for irregular sheet adsorption. Belongs to a customized engraving machine model.

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