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YD-9060 laser engraving machine
YD-9060 laser engraving machine
Product features

YD-9060 laser engraving machine  is suitable for engraving and cutting of various non metal materials. The engraving effect is good and engraved depth can be adjusted independently. The cutting edge is smooth without burrs and no need for secondary grinding. The equipment from the software design, mechanical structure, electrical system to parts selection, is meeting the various needs of different customers.

Different work table meets with the different processing materials, Up and Down platform is designing for thick material carving, Rotary can work on the arc surface

The feature of fast processing speed, high precision, less waste, high efficiency, makes the engraving machine to be the necessary and the best choice in all kinds of industries .

Main Feature:

1.High precision :32-bit DSP controller, with 3-phase stepper motor;

2.Fast speed: Imported six balanced outer sliding high-speed linear slides with higher stability and faster speed.

3. Long life: High-performance long-life catalytic laser tube, Imported ZnSe focusing mirror, metal eye mirror, high standard long-life consumables, saving the cost of customer consumables.

4. Multiple functions : Support power-off continuous carving function. If power off suddenly , machine can continue to work after restart.

5. Laser head: The laser head can be increased or decreased at any time, and the single head and double head models can be selected at will.

Application Industry:


 Advertisement industry: organic glass cutting, sign sculpture, double color boards sculpture, Acrylic engraving.

Gift industry: in the wood, bamboo, marble, double color boards, density board, crystal, leather and other materials beautifully carved on the words and patterns.

Cardboard printing: sculpture products, used for carving the rubber board, double board, plastic board sculpture and cutting.


Leather and clothing: in genuine leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather, cloth on the complex characters and graphics of engraving and cutting, carve patterns or designs on woodwork, hollow out, computer embroidery cutting processes.

Mould making : construction mould, aviation and navigation mould, wooden mould, decoration and so on.

Other industries: decoration, electronics, electric appliances , the product packaging engraving and so on


 Applicable material:


 Non metal material :

such as Wood, MDF, Paper, Leather , Cloths ,Organic glass , Plexiglass resin, Acrylic, Woolens, Plastic, Rubber, Ceramic tile, Crystal , Bowler , Bamboo, Marble , Granite ,Tile, Magnetic products ,Shell, Coconut shell,, Double color board,





Wood ∣MDF∣Double color board,

Paper∣Leather ∣ Cloths ,

Organic glass ∣ Plexiglass resin∣Acrylic

, Woolens∣Plastic∣Rubber

Marble∣ Granite ∣,Tile, 

Magnetic products ∣Shell∣ Coconut shell 


Main parts:


Technical Parameters

Co2 Laser Engraving Machine 



Laser type

Co2 sealed laser tube, water-cooled,10.6um

Laser power

 80W (100W,130W ,150W,180W,200W option)

Working size

900 X600mm

Engraving speed


Cutting speed


Maximum processing depth

    ≤ 20mm ( when laser power 100W , for acrylic )

Position  accuracy

≤ 0.01mm

Max scanning accuracy


Min shaped character

1×1mm ( English)   2×2mm ( Chinese)

Laser Energy control

Dual –mode ( Software or Manual mode)

Graphic Format support


Power supply

AC110-220V ±10%.    50-60HZ

Work table

Honeycomb platform / Push-pull platform/Up and down platform

Dichroic Cutting


Operating environment

Temperature: 0-45°C    Humidity: 5-95%

computer system

Windows XP , Windows 7 ,Windows 8

Compatible software

CorelDraw,  AutoCAD ,Photoshop 



Total power


Note 1: Above parameter is our normal size , we can produce machine according to customer’s requirement.



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