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CNC Woodworking Linear ATC machine
Machine introduction This CNC Woodworking Linear ATC (automatic tools change) machine is suitable for the processing of diversified and complex products or diversified processing, and has a wide range of uses.
CNC Woodworking Linear ATC machine
Product features

Machine advantage:

1.  ATC function: Linear automatic changing tools ,12 tools, saving time of changing tools.

2.  Bed structure : Whole bed is steel structure welding , strong rigidity, no deformation.

3.  Servo motor and driver: Taiwan LNC servo motor and driver, high speed and precision

4.  Guide rail: Taiwan square guide rail, running smoothly . high precision .long span life. 

5.  Vacuum table : With powerful absorbing power ,ensure the flatness of material surface,

6.  Two Roller : Two Roller for fixing small piece of materials for more stable working.

7.  Control system: Easy operation, help correct errors in processing files in advance .

8.  Automatic oil filling system: Lubricate transmission partImprove working life of machine.


Applicable industry:  

Wood furniture processing industry, Home decoration, Wooden crafts processing industry, Large panel cutting , large relief carving products, Car modification and Loudspeaker Box making industry.

Application Area:


---engrave various materials

Furniture :

---simple and complex exterior walls (including artistic carvings), furniture linings, exclusive furniture elements with intricate carvings. Curve cutting of DSP, DVP, MDF (including laminated products).

Interior decoration:

---coffee machines and pool tables, reliefs, stairs, skirting and more intricate carvings.   

Exterior decoration:

--- carve doors and windows with curly patterns.

--- decorate wooden houses and bathrooms with decorative elements.  

--- decorate balconies, pavilions, fences with wood plank patterns.

Customized product:   

---mirror frames, panels, images of people and animals, souvenirs, coffins, desks, watches, etc.

Making doors:

--- Milling curved cuts on the fiber door of glass and fiber.

--- Fabrication of fibers, including artistic carving.

--- Wood inlaid doors, lining iron doors, etc.

--- Custom doors made of wood.

Making models :

---make master models, casting models, prototypes, vacuum forming molds by various materials (including aluminum, brass, bronze and plastic molds).


--- Cutting letters, logos, brackets and logos by plastic, PVC, acrylic and other materials. 

Technical Parameters



X Working Area


Y Working Area


Z Working Area


Table size


Traveling Positioning Accuracy


Repositioning Positioning Accuracy


Bed body structure

Heavy steel structure

Table Type

Vacuum table

Vacuum pump

7.5KW water cooling vacuum pump

X,Y ,Z Structure

XY gear wheel, Z ball screw

Max. Power Consumption


Max.Traveling Speed


Max. Working Speed


Software working environment 



9kw ATC JST air cooled spindle


11kw hpmont INVERTER


12 tools in line

Motor and Driver

1.7KW Taiwan LNC servo motor and driver


850 Japan Shimpo reducer

Spindle Speed


Vacuum Cleaner

5.5KW Vacuum Cleaner

Working voltage

AC220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz

Control System

Taiwan LNC2200 controller system

Guide rail

Longma 25mm Square rail TAIWAN BRAND

Pushing material system

Automatic pushing material system

Tool change system

Automatic tool change system

Tool setter

Automatic tool setter

Control cabinet

Independent cabinet


2300KGS /2900KGS

Packing Size


PS: All the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests. 



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