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Stone Impact Engraving machine
Stone Impact Engraving machine
Product features

Machine feature:

Engraving machine is designed to engrave the image on the stone with point (raster) method. Engraving is conducted by the transference of the digital image on the surface by gradual strikes of the working instrument; that is diamond needle.

Application :

Stone Impact Engraving Machine is used for engraving images on the surface o Granite, Marble, Glass, Gabbros and Basalt. Especially for tombstone.



Machine Advantage :


 The distinctive peculiarities of the machine are:

· Light weight and overall dimensions what will simplify transportation, storage and, as well, use in small manufactories; 

· Qualitive units of brand producers (Bosch-Rexroth, Hiwin and others); 

· Built-in autonomous controller and non-volatile memory which do not require the connection to the computer; 

· High speed of the image working out and engraving; 

· Resistance to stoppage in power supply; 

· Minimal power consumption; 

· The use of SD-card to download images; 

· The sensor LCD-panel on the machine control block; 

· Simplicity and clearness of the built-in software; 

· Large selection of the grey gradation and user permission for the engraving image; 

· Software regulation of the speed of work by user; 

· Unresponsiveness to the difference in the levels of the stone surface; 

· The possibility to work in the vertical position; 

· The use of combined gears (scheme “stepping screw + scrap”) what considerably increases the speed of work and general resource of the machine; 

· The considerable depth of engraving; 

· Minimal operating costs and service;

· Huge resource of units and details; 

· Permanent availability of repair kits and consumables including needles of high quality; 

· Easiness in personnel training what doesn’t need special knowledge; 

· 1-year warranty service; 

· Setting out to the client to train the personnel and mortise the machine;

· Permanent support of all clients, including the possibility of setting out to them at their address (throughout Ukraine) during the post-warranty period.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters








Working size  


400х600mm  600х800mm   600х1000mm  700х1200mm optional 



25,   19   or 16 kg


Power supply


220 V  50 Hz

Total power




Transmission type


X-axis – screw


Images download




Independent controller


Completely autonomous 


Internal memory


Yes; non-volatile


Processed materials


Granite, Gabbros, Basalt, Marble, Glass


Engraving depth



Location precision



Engraving steps


From 0.1 to 0.5 with the accuracy of 0.025 mm (100-20 steps/cm)


Grey shades


From 2 (bit format) to 256


Combined regime


Yes; 256 shades


Engraving speed


1-2,5 hours for the images with size 30х40 cm


Engraving tools (needles with the diamond weight 0,06 carat)


10-30 images with size 30х40 cm


Maximum incline of material


90 degrees


Warranty period


1 year


After-sale service





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