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Metal Mould Engraving machine
Metal Mould Engraving machine
Product features

Application industry:

Aluminum veneer special-shaped cutting and blanking, Industrial processing and Industrial wire cutting.

Processing material:

Aluminum veneer, Fluorocarbon spraying board, Aluminum-plastic board, Organic board and  Engineering hard plastic.

Product advantages:

1. No damage to materials: the milling cutter is used to ensure that the material is not damaged;

 2. Clean: natural water cooling, no pollution to the material after processing, easy post-processing;

3. Efficient and convenient: According to the CAD drawings issued by the customer, it can be easily converted into the processing code of the machine, without stocking and other equipment, directly processing the products required by the customer.

4. Large output, small input: 5 machines work 8 hours a day, and the output can reach 500-1000 square meters.

5. High precision, high cleanliness of the material: Compared with the drawing, the error is less than 0.5mm, the work is smooth, smooth and without burrs, and does not need to be polished.

6. Unique start-up positioning and pressing plate device: ensure accurate, high-speed and high-efficiency feeding.


1. Fast speed and high efficiency: 

cutting 3mm aluminum plate can reach 1.5-3m/min.

2. High power: 

cutting and drilling on the 3-8mm aluminum plate at one time. Smooth cutting, without burrs and deformation.

3. High precision: computer control, high accuracy

4. Good stability: working 24 hours a day without interruption, and processing can be stopped at any time, with low scrap rate.

5. Excellent parts: Imported linear guides, excellent and advanced systems, imported bearings, high-power spindle motors.

6. Reasonable design: It adopts advanced pinion and rack transmission, which is fast and powerful.

7. Compatible software: compatible with type3/ artcam/ castmate/ design software

8. Prioritized performance:  With functions such as breakpoint continuation, power failure recovery, processing time prediction, etc., a truly humanized design.

Technical Parameters



X.Y.Z-axis travel


Table size


Max working speed


Clamping in the form


Control system


Carving command

G code*.u00*mmg*.plt

Software operating enviroment

Windows 98/2000/XP

Working voltage


Power of spindle

4.5 kw/ 3 kw

Rotary  speed of spindle


Working mode




Cooperation intention
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